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Photo: Sunrise Hana Bay by Howard Eskildsen

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Backyard Dinner

A red-shouldered hawk dines on a dead squirrel by the bird feeder in the backyard. Some birds feed on the seeds in the feeder, some squirrels feed on nuts below the feeder, and some hawks feed on those who dine at the feeders.


I don’t really know what to make of wing sculptures that appear to be flying a** backwards, but if they had a finger, I certainly wouldn’t pull it!

Pathway to Yesterday

A walk through the woods recently along the greenway proved to be more than just a path through the forest. Like a tunnel to another time, it summoned memories, nearly six decades old, of childhood wanderings through the trees and thickets along the Platte River in Nebraska. It was a quail’s whistling call, “Poor BobContinue reading “Pathway to Yesterday”

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