Collection of Curious Creatures

At the Wisconsin State Fair we saw an interesting array of animals. Some were big and beautiful, some small and sweet, some brown and very cute, and some…whatever.

Prairie Panorama At Sunset

A waxing crescent Moon seems to be admiring the sunset as much as we were. After stopping at Kopp’s for ice cream, we were on our way home as the Sun’s rays painted the sky over the prairie much to everyone’s delight.

Placid Patio

This was the inviting scene of several happy afternoon wine and cheese sessions with family while guests at the Mineral Point Hotel. Historic buildings frame the serene setting, blending a picture of the past with pleasures of the present. We thoroughly enjoyed our hosts and accommodations at the hotel.

Reflecting On Memories

This view of the park from the Mineral Point Public Library resurrected memories long asleep in the furtherest recesses of my mind. As a young man I had once boldly ridden a camel in the park thanks to the Shriners who had sponsored an event by the library. We were in Mineral Point to visitContinue reading “Reflecting On Memories”

Stump King Castle

Imagination blends with history and scenery along Shake Rag Alley in Mineral Point, Wisconsin. In the 1820’s and 1830’s Cornish miners came to the area to mine lead on the hill opposite the alley. When it was mealtime, their wives would shake a rag to signal for them to come eat, hence the name ”ShakeContinue reading “Stump King Castle”

Return to Neverland

Some places are timeless and the friends with which they are shared are priceless. We last saw this home while visiting a close friend, since passed, and we returned to visit her family that now resides here. The house is filled with memories that are lovingly preserved to this day, and like Neverland, we areContinue reading “Return to Neverland”

Down Under Once Again

Last week we saw a cave with an underground waterfall in Tennessee. This week it was an extensive cave in Wisconsin with myriads of formations that continue to be actively growing. Some reach down from the ceiling, some grow upward from the floor and some have met in the middle to form a column reachingContinue reading “Down Under Once Again”


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