50-meter Mullet Mosey

Hoards of mullet fish casually swam in the outflow from Homosassa Springs in Florida, gradually getting nowhere. For all their swimming they seemed stationary over the ground, merely offsetting the water’s slow passage. Occasionally one would dart off and leap through the air and then loudly splash back into the water, but mostly they seemed…

Rooftop Raptor

Be it voles, squirrels, or birds at the feeder, this predator is looking for food, and as far as his potential prey is concerned, he is up to no good. #hawk #bird #birdfeeder

A Bird in the Bush

There was something unusual about this bird when we saw it at the Kennedy Space Center. It just didn’t look quite like any dove that I was familiar with. I attempted several times to get its photo as it moseyed throughout the bush. Finally it made this appearance so I could identify it once I…

Salty Morning Sunrise

The sky was full of orange, blues, and subtle hues as the rising sun called the day to life during our morning walk. It inspired visions of Caribbean scenes that we have enjoyed in the past, and the warm moist air carried the feel of the sea. Perhaps it is time to schedule a cruise…

Mellow Yellow

Spring is getting serious here, greeting us with a delicate orchid, our first of the year. It has been a member of the family for several years, and it is always nice to see it reawaken. #orchid #spring

Shoes That Fit

They came for a while But now they’re gone Though memories will linger on Someday they’ll return At such time as they choose And the once-tiny feet Will fill bigger shoes #shoes


This space capsule went where Apollo 13 failed to go, the highlands around the lunar crater of Fra Mauro. After that it repeated what Apollo 13 did accomplish well, it brought its three astronauts home with a meteoric ride through the atmosphere to a safe landing in the ocean. Aboard this space craft were Alan…


This whooping crane has elected to remain on display at Homosassasa Springs State Park in Florida, even though it is free flying and could leave any time it wanted. So why does he stay? Simple, his girlfriend is flightless and he would rather have her than his freedom. (Sound familiar, guys?) Since they are endangered,…

Wood Duck Would Duck

How much wood would a Wood Duck duck if a woodchuck could chuck wood! (With apologies to the classic tongue-twister author.) #woodduck #woodchuck #tonguetwister

Poo Corner

More affectionately known as Lu instead of his given name Lucifer, this 63 year old hippo is officially an honorary citizen of Florida per decree of a former Florida governor. He has been at this state park for decades and enjoys notoriety as a primary park attraction but also as a beast to be avoided…


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