In Less Than a Week

***NERD ALERT!*** On November 30, 2022, it appeared that the Sun would be totally without spots for only the second time this year, since the only active region with spots was rapidly fading from view. The next day, however, two new spots appeared and in the following five days the sunspots went from nearly zeroContinue reading “In Less Than a Week”

Boat Parade

Saturday night we were guests on a boat to watch the lighted boat parade on Henderson Lake at Inverness, Florida. We had a great time and didn’t even get wet! I posted a video of the festivities on YouTube at: #boat #parade #christmas


From the far corners these little snow creatures have appeared on top of the sewing machine cabinet, and it seems that they will be staying through Christmas. I suspect that a Fairy and her Elf have been at it again. They are well behaved, and at least they won’t melt!

Spider Envy

At the end of my solar observation session yesterday, this green spider appeared on the lens cover. While green is assorted with envy in people, I know not if that applies to spiders, however, it does little to camouflage it on the black telescope. That could be very dangerous in this little bug’s eat-and-be-eaten world,Continue reading “Spider Envy”

White Christmas Florida Style

No snow, just cute little birds with curved beaks to make our yards white this holiday season. However, just like snow, you need to watch where you step after these birds have passed by. #whiteibis #christmas #snow

Late Bloomer

After our morning walk this misty blossom reminded us that like it, we were due for a shower. It is nice to live in a climate that allows us to see the occasional late season bloom dripping with droplets rather than frozen in frost. #autumn #hibiscus #bloom

Beginning to Taste Like Christmas

“Mmmmm” is for molasses cookies with frosting and sprinkles. The Christmas Fairy and her somewhat-dependable Elf were busy today! #christmas #cookies #fairy #elf

Rare Bird

We spotted this limpkin over the Thanksgiving weekend. It is a bird seldom seen, and we were delighted by this rare view. #limpkin #circlebbarpreserve

Good Night Heron

We found this black-crowned night heron during our walk at the Circle B Bar Nature Preserve. We had not seen one this year, so now it is # 117 on our annual bird list. YAY! #blackcrownednightheron #Circlebbarpreserve #birdlist


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