Reconnecting with Family Roots The Brothertown Indian Tribe (Eeyamquittoowauconnuck) was formed from six New England tribes that joined together in the late 1700’s after their numbers had greatly decreased. Many had been lost fighting in support of the colonists against Great Britain in the Revolutionary War of 1776. Later they were forced to move fiveContinue reading “Eeyamquittoowauconnuck”

Head Wall At Indian Hill

Near Arpin, Wisconsin, the Head Wall at the top of Indian Hill served as a launching area for skiers, sleds, and toboggans. Many years ago Fairy went down this steep slope with others on a sled. Conditions and speed made it uncontrollable and a collision with a tree downslope left her with serious injuries thatContinue reading “Head Wall At Indian Hill”

Ruby Falls

Ruby Falls is an underground waterfall located half a mile from the elevator that lowers visitors into the cave. It is a spectacular hike in as well, with narrow passages and low, head-banger ceilings. When struck by passersby, the rock rings out with a melodious: ”OWWWW-SH*T!” sort of sound.

More Than Just Horsing Around

“I love you, Snowflake,” said our granddaughter before dismounting from her first horseback ride. MTRA has gentle horses and a dedicated staff that serve children, developmentally disabled, and others. It has provided an enduring confidence and love of horses in members of our own family, and has instilled a sense of ability for a multitudeContinue reading “More Than Just Horsing Around”