A pleasant drive under partly sunny skies led us to Keel and Curley Winery where some light tasting followed by a wonderful meal left us quite satisfied. Afterwards we wandered the grounds past blueberry and strawberry plants, by a pig and some goats. Black and white speckled chickens clucked and squawked in a nearby cageContinue reading “Cork-A-Doodle-Doo”

Past Plane and Simple

Thanksgiving reminiscing always includes memories of airplanes, starting with this 1941 Taylorcraft, NC33932. The first airplane ride that can I remember was in this aircraft, and I thoroughly did not like it! Later, however, I came to love the airplane and looked forward to each chance to go for another ride. Both my brothers flewContinue reading “Past Plane and Simple”

Well, This Ain’t Gonna Fly!

Seated just behind the wing, I took this photo and thought: There’s no way they are taking off like this. I waited for the announcement of delay due to deicing, but it never came. The plane left the gate and taxied towards the runway; en route to the deicing bay, I thought. Soon all airportContinue reading “Well, This Ain’t Gonna Fly!”

Beginning to look a Little Like Christmas

We usually wait until after Thanksgiving to start on Christmas decorations, but this year the Christmas Fairy just couldn’t wait. Aided by an Elf that was a combination of Dopey, Doc, and Grumpy, a wreath-like collection of artificial leaves, vines, and grape lights was gathered and mounted above the lanai. Dopey and Doc had aContinue reading “Beginning to look a Little Like Christmas”