The Old Aviator

Dad’s Arrow Sport in a field In Nebraska in the 1930’s

I believe this photo was taken in the 1930’s near Lexington, Nebraska. It is an Arrow Sport biplane made in Nebraska in the 1920’s and 1030’s and had a 60 horsepower LeBlond engine. The cockpit seated two side-by-side and with such low power, dad described it as a “ground lover.” He avoid flying it with a passenger on hot, humid summer days.

Dad continued to fly for the rest of his life, and we were captivated by his flying stories, but most memorable, was the story of the day he landed blind in a hayfield. This was usually followed by the admonition: “The most important manouver a pilot must learn is the 180 degree turn. “

To learn how his hard lession learned prevented another flying disaster, please see:

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