Joyful Blues

Bluebird At Feeder

On our morning walk we saw a bluebird, much like this one, perched on a streetlight in the full sun. Its iridescent blue back was towards us at first, and as we admired its stunning color it turned part way to reveal its dark red chest and light belly as well. Perfectly posed to reveal its full glory, it remained stationary for as long as we chose to admire it. How long we lingered I don’t really know, for it radiated the kind of blues that warmed the heart and made time meaningless.

#bluebird #morning #walk

Published by eskildoodle1

Retired physician with interests in writing, photography, music, and astronomy. I have written multiple stories of life experiences, travel, and astronomy, and have been playing the ukulele for 10 years. My wife Fairy and I travel frequently to the Pacific Islands of Hawaii, and French Polynesia, and I have learned several of their native-language songs. This blog will be a forum to share experiences with family and friends.

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