Beer Belly Bushes

Belly Bushes

These bushes are neatly trimmed but resemble beer bellies suffering “Dunlop’s Disease.” (From the expression: “My belly done lopped over my belt.”) Perhaps the trimmer should have lopped off a little more on this side. At least they don’t suffer from “Dickiedo Disease,” but I probably better not go there.

#dunlopsdisease #lopped #bushes

Published by eskildoodle1

Retired physician with interests in writing, photography, music, and astronomy. I have written multiple stories of life experiences, travel, and astronomy, and have been playing the ukulele for 10 years. My wife Fairy and I travel frequently to the Pacific Islands of Hawaii, and French Polynesia, and I have learned several of their native-language songs. This blog will be a forum to share experiences with family and friends.

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