Feeding a Flying Mouse

I had work to do in the yard; fertilize some plants, water a dry area, put fresh water in the birdbath, and finally, replenish the bird feeders. It sounds simple, but the feathery fiends kept diving to the feeders, and I felt obliged to wait until they finished. Finally, there was a break, and IContinue reading “Feeding a Flying Mouse”

105 and That’s No Jive

As of yesterday, the last day of January, 2023, we had walked 105 miles so far for the year. That’s about 20 more miles for the month than needed to reach our annual goal of 1,000 miles but we like to start the year with a little extra. We completed the walk at the MarjorieContinue reading “105 and That’s No Jive”

Freezin’s the Reason For Feedin’

Just a few days ago, birds were seen only occasionally at the feeders. The last couple of nights, however, the temperature dropped below freezing, and now the feeders are flocked by our feathered friends. Christmas morning the low was 21 degrees Fahrenheit, and I suspect the feeders will continue be a popular place for theContinue reading “Freezin’s the Reason For Feedin’”