Yes, we have no bananas but…

We definitely have Florida banana spiders, or as they are otherwise called, golden silk orb-weavers. This specimen in our back yard was bout three inches across, leg tip to leg tip, had about a three-foot diameter web, and is obviously a female. Like many other species, the male is puny and of little value otherContinue reading “Yes, we have no bananas but…”

Springing to Life

While on our walk in the Cross Florida Greenway yesterday we discovered spring in full bloom, even though farther north, the country is still in winter’s grasp. Now I know the answer to the question I often heard while growing up in Nebraska this time of year: W-w-w-why w-w-w-would anyone ever w-w-w-want to m-m-m-move toContinue reading “Springing to Life”

Blame Tommy

”I just want to return this to Tommy Bahama and get some refills,” says she. “Guess I’ll go along,” says he. “You go look around,” says she. ”Ok,” says he, “but I don’t plan on getting anything.” ”Find anything interesting?” says she. ”A shirt with a matching tee,” says he. “Get it,” says she. ”No,Continue reading “Blame Tommy”

Florida Ice!?!

The weather forecast called for some frost with a low around 30. They only missed by 4-5 degrees—THE WRONG DIRECTION! That’s for the birds! (Though the birds might not agree.) Fortunately our feathered friends are coping, I saw a flock of white ibises at the top of a nearby tree catching the first rays ofContinue reading “Florida Ice!?!”