Missing Mineral Point

Last month we were in Mineral Point, Wisconsin and stayed in the Mineral Point Hotel. It was in a beautifully restored building from the 1800’s and was tastefully decorated with period artifacts, photos, and paintings. It was a wonderful place to stay with the whole historical district and adjacent mine remnants with easy walking distance.Continue reading “Missing Mineral Point”

Inside Gundry House

Time period treasures inside the Gundry House reveal insights into life in previous centuries. Each room on the two floors contains authentic artifacts, many of which were from the original occupants. It was a delight to view these items and imagine what life may have been like then. While the original owners were wealthy atContinue reading “Inside Gundry House”

Gundry House At Orchard Lawn

Built in 1868, this house was destined for demolition in 1936. As the wrecking ball was in position to begin its destruction, concerned citizens gathered the $800 necessary to pay off the crew and get them to leave the historic home intact. Now it is a historic site over a century and a half old,Continue reading “Gundry House At Orchard Lawn”

Stump King Castle

Imagination blends with history and scenery along Shake Rag Alley in Mineral Point, Wisconsin. In the 1820’s and 1830’s Cornish miners came to the area to mine lead on the hill opposite the alley. When it was mealtime, their wives would shake a rag to signal for them to come eat, hence the name ”ShakeContinue reading “Stump King Castle”