No Time for iPhones and Earbuds

The harvest Moon and Jupiter peered between clouds through a slot in the trees. A nearby owl hooted as we walked the deserted street. Cicadas, commonly called katydids, buzzed out their morning song as the dawn brightened and burnished clouds with an orange glow. Birds awoke to serenade us with their chirping, singing, and cawing,Continue reading “No Time for iPhones and Earbuds”

By the Dawn’s Early Light

During a recent morning walk, the dawning sky changed from dark and ominous to blazingly brilliant over a period of about 28 minutes. We heeded the warning of “red in the morning,” and were properly sheltered during the afternoon thunderstorms that followed. Undaunted, however, was a planet peering through the clouds. Venus, in the upperContinue reading “By the Dawn’s Early Light”