Old Sew and So’s

Sewing Cabinet Circa 1905-1910

It is finished or perhaps I should say refinished. This sewing cabinet from the early 1900’s showed wear from its century-long existence but was over all in good shape, so we decided to have it professionally restored. Eugenio and son were delighted to see it in January when we took it to their workshop, and even more delighted to see our reaction to their handiwork when we picked it up recently.

The cabinet has been in Fairy’s family for over 70 years, appearing sometime after a fire destroyed part of their house in 1952. Perhaps it was a gift from friends to help them get back on their feet. As a very small child Fairy remembers watching her mom work the treadle while sewing. In those days, store bought clothes were a novelty.

Later the mechanical sewing machine was replaced by an electric Singer machine, but now it is no longer used so it was removed from the cabinet and stored. We were not about to part with the cabinet, however, since it is a very special work of art from another time that bears remembering. At our age we feel more like its stewards, rather than its owners, and it is very satisfying to see it in its respectfully restored condition.

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