Of Islands and Dinosaurs

Sucia Island Sunrise 1998

In a past century and a past millennium, we anchored by Sucia Island in the waters of northern Washington. It offered splendid moorage in places with such enchanting names as Echo Bay, Shallow Bay, and Fossil Bay. The latter is well named for its rich fossil deposits from a past era, the Jurassic Period, over 80 million years ago.

Recently a post in the local paper revealed that the remains of a cousin of T. rex was found on the island near Fossil Bay, and in honor of the island, the new dinosaur is named Suciasaurus Rex. The governor of Washington has since declared it to be the official state fossil.

This made me wonder if I might not have qualified for such recognition, but since I no longer live in Washington, I don’t think I would be eligible. However, it was almost petrifying to think that I hadn’t there since the last millennium, and it definitely has put me in touch with my “inner fossil.”

Article Below:

Ocala Star Banner May 8, 2023

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