Of Islands and Dinosaurs

In a past century and a past millennium, we anchored by Sucia Island in the waters of northern Washington. It offered splendid moorage in places with such enchanting names as Echo Bay, Shallow Bay, and Fossil Bay. The latter is well named for its rich fossil deposits from a past era, the Jurassic Period, overContinue reading “Of Islands and Dinosaurs”

John Day Dam

Over three decades ago we took the Fairy Boat, our 26-foot Bayliner, on a trip down the Columbia River from Kennewick, Washington, to Hood River, Oregon, which involved locking through three dams including the John Day Dam shown above. We had entered the upstream side of the lock 110 feet higher than we were whenContinue reading “John Day Dam”

Princess Louisa Inlet

Chatterbox Falls is located at the end of a timeless fjord known as Princess Louisa Inlet in British Columbia. Its waters cascade from steep cliffs to make a final 80 foot plunge into seawater just beyond the docks in this photo. The entrance to the inlet is guarded by insanely dizzying tidal rapids that yieldContinue reading “Princess Louisa Inlet”