Clearly Crystal

Try to imagine salty water as clear as a swimming pool covering tens of square miles, decorated with sand, corals, clams, and fish of all colors of the rainbow. The imagination will surely fail to even begin to grasp it all; if it could it would be unbelievable. Just a few days of swimming, snorkeling,Continue reading “Clearly Crystal”

Why Ain’t It Just a Chicken?

It walks like a rooster, clucks and crows like a rooster, but it ain’t no rooster! Really! Our infallible internet bird reference positively identifies it as a Red Jungle Fowl. Well maybe it is, but something in me just wants to cry foul over the naming of this fowl. But anyway, I may still justContinue reading “Why Ain’t It Just a Chicken?”

Moods of Otemanu

Towering Otemanu shows many moods as seen from different angles and in different lighting. Sometimes it seems bold and imposing and other times shy and retiring, shrouding its face in clouds. On this day it seemed charmed by the Sun, boldly attended by bright background clouds, barely offering us a sideways glance over its shoulder.Continue reading “Moods of Otemanu”

Busy Beach on Sunday Afternoon

Sunday afternoon is a time for locals and tourists alike to swarm to the beach where placid waters and soft sands gleam in the tropical sun. A few bathers bob in the turquoise waters of the lagoon while in the distance, breakers foam against the reef and an occasional boat can be seen sailing inContinue reading “Busy Beach on Sunday Afternoon”