Colorful Conundrum

The winter sun is slowly shifting northward again and in the process produces curious late afternoon light shows that vary daily. Its setting rays recently passed through the windows and through a pane of glass that painted this rainbow on the doorway. With a little effort I might have been able to identify the sourceContinue reading “Colorful Conundrum”

Silhouetted in the Setting Sun

Gray clouds jostled by cold, gusting winds blocked the sun from view for nearly all of the day. Then as we returned from our day’s errands, a momentary beam of light pierced through the clouds and between trees to cast my shadow onto the kitchen cabinet. Less than a minute later it was all over,Continue reading “Silhouetted in the Setting Sun”

Birdie in the Window

Not long ago we were at Anna Maria Island, and this bird silhouette in the window added its charm to the sunset. Though the “bird” was inside the window, it was quiet and left no messes behind, unlike the pigeons on the electrical lines above our parking spot at a nearby restaurant. #bird #sunset #pigeonsContinue reading “Birdie in the Window”