Two Heavenly Piccolominis

At a recent wine tasting my ears perked up at the sound of the Italian “Piccolomini” wine since I am well familiar with a crater on the Moon of the same name. In the lower cental photo, the crater is next to the bottle of wine. Piccolomini crater is 53 miles in diameter and hasContinue reading “Two Heavenly Piccolominis”

Rainbows and Showers

Like a blister, the “Bay of Rainbows” (Sinus Iridium) pouches out from the Ocean of Showers (Mare Imbrium) on the Moon. The bay is rimmed by the remains of the semicircular wall of a large crater seen catching the rays of the rising sun in this image. Perhaps this is the rainbow that the cartographerContinue reading “Rainbows and Showers”