Day’s End at the Cove

The day began with a vision of a golden moon rising and reflected in a nearby pond, with a parade of planets, Saturn, Mars, Venus, and Jupiter, in the predawn sky. Even shy Neptune reluctantly appeared through the telescope. The day ended with a quiet cruise on Lake Henderson in the soft light of theContinue reading “Day’s End at the Cove”

Planetary Parade

This morning on our walk we saw the above spectacle, a rare alignment of the planets along with the Moon. Next month, Mercury will join the parade as well. Additionally, Neptune, not visible to the eye, lies between Venus and Jupiter. By the weekend Jupiter and Venus will be very close together, and the alignmentContinue reading “Planetary Parade”

Two Heavenly Piccolominis

At a recent wine tasting my ears perked up at the sound of the Italian “Piccolomini” wine since I am well familiar with a crater on the Moon of the same name. In the lower cental photo, the crater is next to the bottle of wine. Piccolomini crater is 53 miles in diameter and hasContinue reading “Two Heavenly Piccolominis”

Moon, Up Close and Personal

Friends brought their children over last night for a lunar nerdfest and were rewarded with these views of the Moon. The upper image shows a curved mountain range crossing the middle portion. The crater Eratosthenes grazes the range at the middle of the image and to its lower left the magnificent crater Copernicus dominates theContinue reading “Moon, Up Close and Personal”