Out of Luck and a Pickup Truck

Like Santa, this pickup is a classic and it is loaded with goodies. Unlike Santa, it is powered by horsepower under the hood, not a team of reindeer. Either way it looks like both will able to get their jobs done, unlike us, who arrived at the Peddlers Wagon in Eustis, Florida, on the dayContinue reading “Out of Luck and a Pickup Truck”

Pickin,’ Sippin,’ and Grinnin’ (and Shoppin’) at Peddler’s Wagon

Fairy and I took a friend to the Peddler’s Wagon for shopping and fun yesterday. We all enjoyed the store for a while, then I went outside to play ukulele while the ladies continued shopping. A while later the proprietors came outside with a glass of punch and thanked me for the music. One offeredContinue reading “Pickin,’ Sippin,’ and Grinnin’ (and Shoppin’) at Peddler’s Wagon”