String, Strang, Strung

The more they are played, the more often their strings need changing. Also, wood and fretboard conditioner can be applied with the strings off to preserve the ‘ukulele’s appearance. This is my solid koa wood tenor ‘ukulele that I purchased from a luthier in Kaunakakai, Moloka’i. In honor of its roots, I tuned it toContinue reading “String, Strang, Strung”

Lesson to Learn

In 2019, we stopped by Woody Howard’s music and furniture store on Moorea and found this lovely ukulele with a soundboard made from island tou wood. This beautiful wood has wonderful tonal quality and was once reserved for use by the Ali’i (ruling class) only. I played it for 20 minutes or more, mesmerized byContinue reading “Lesson to Learn”

Of Fairy Gnomes and Ukuleles

Something about big shadows in the setting sun works a special magic that attracts Fairy Gnomes and ‘ukuleles and begs to be photographed. This Pono ukulele is my favorite for its sound and playability, and it truly lives up to its name which means “righteous” in Hawaiian. I have had it for over eight yearsContinue reading “Of Fairy Gnomes and Ukuleles”

Pickin,’ Sippin,’ and Grinnin’ (and Shoppin’) at Peddler’s Wagon

Fairy and I took a friend to the Peddler’s Wagon for shopping and fun yesterday. We all enjoyed the store for a while, then I went outside to play ukulele while the ladies continued shopping. A while later the proprietors came outside with a glass of punch and thanked me for the music. One offeredContinue reading “Pickin,’ Sippin,’ and Grinnin’ (and Shoppin’) at Peddler’s Wagon”