A pleasant drive under partly sunny skies led us to Keel and Curley Winery where some light tasting followed by a wonderful meal left us quite satisfied. Afterwards we wandered the grounds past blueberry and strawberry plants, by a pig and some goats. Black and white speckled chickens clucked and squawked in a nearby cageContinue reading “Cork-A-Doodle-Doo”

Why Ain’t It Just a Chicken?

It walks like a rooster, clucks and crows like a rooster, but it ain’t no rooster! Really! Our infallible internet bird reference positively identifies it as a Red Jungle Fowl. Well maybe it is, but something in me just wants to cry foul over the naming of this fowl. But anyway, I may still justContinue reading “Why Ain’t It Just a Chicken?”