And Now They’re Gone

Goldfinches at our feeder.

They arrive between Thanksgiving and Christmas to cheer up the holidays, though their colors are hardly festive. On arrival for their winter stay, they seem like nondescript little birds with only some subtle wing bars that verify they are goldfinches. Through the early spring they gradually brighten to their brilliant namesake plumage with a dozen or more jostling for space at the feeder. Then one day, suddenly they are gone, heading for their northern nesting grounds, not to return until the next holiday season.

We miss them, but their memories brighten our summer and fall seasons until once again they show up, one or two at a time, to help us celebrate the holidays.

Published by eskildoodle1

Retired physician with interests in writing, photography, music, and astronomy. I have written multiple stories of life experiences, travel, and astronomy, and have been playing the ukulele for 10 years. My wife Fairy and I travel frequently to the Pacific Islands of Hawaii, and French Polynesia, and I have learned several of their native-language songs. This blog will be a forum to share experiences with family and friends.

2 thoughts on “And Now They’re Gone

  1. Spring brought the flowering trees and bushes to life, and the return of the Gold Finches to our feeder. Wouldn’t you know it. A cold spell has come through giving us a taste of a white world. Snow in April! Crazy!


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