Three Little Birds (and blooms)

Three metal bird sculptures balance on a pole extending from a flower pot, which has three blossoms. In the background, a frog watches from the hole in a birdhouse, perhaps hoping to hear a melody so “pure and true.” On the other hand the three little birds are giving him their backside, so maybe hisContinue reading “Three Little Birds (and blooms)”

And Now They’re Gone

They arrive between Thanksgiving and Christmas to cheer up the holidays, though their colors are hardly festive. On arrival for their winter stay, they seem like nondescript little birds with only some subtle wing bars that verify they are goldfinches. Through the early spring they gradually brighten to their brilliant namesake plumage with a dozenContinue reading “And Now They’re Gone”

Barr Hammock

Between Gainesville and sleepy little Micanopy, a one by two mile lowland alternates between swamp and shallow lake and is called a hammock. Known as Barr Hammock Preserve, it is mostly swamp with a few ponds this time of year. Along its margins leafless cypress and maples sport beards of Spanish moss thought grass andContinue reading “Barr Hammock”