Gold of True Value

They had been chased away by an aggressive yellow-rumped warbler time after time, and for a while they had disappeared. But now they are back, and their little nemesis seems to be gone, at least for the time being (see They are changing from their winter plumage to their breeding plumage, which means inContinue reading “Gold of True Value”

Dirty Little Turdy-birdie

Goldfinches used to flock to this feeder, sometimes five or more at a time, each dining delightfully at their station in peace. That was until this yellow-rumped warbler showed up. Now any time a goldfinch appears, this little monster swoops down and chases them away. I considered creative ways to let the finch know heContinue reading “Dirty Little Turdy-birdie”

Freezin’s the Reason For Feedin’

Just a few days ago, birds were seen only occasionally at the feeders. The last couple of nights, however, the temperature dropped below freezing, and now the feeders are flocked by our feathered friends. Christmas morning the low was 21 degrees Fahrenheit, and I suspect the feeders will continue be a popular place for theContinue reading “Freezin’s the Reason For Feedin’”

And Now They’re Gone

They arrive between Thanksgiving and Christmas to cheer up the holidays, though their colors are hardly festive. On arrival for their winter stay, they seem like nondescript little birds with only some subtle wing bars that verify they are goldfinches. Through the early spring they gradually brighten to their brilliant namesake plumage with a dozenContinue reading “And Now They’re Gone”

First Goldfinch

Yesterday, December 20, 2021, the first goldfinch of the winter season appeared on our birdfeeder. Though in winter plumage, a hint of gold is visible on its neck and upper chest, and its distictive wing bars positively identify it. With cooler air moving in, it will soon be joined by others flocking to the feeder.Continue reading “First Goldfinch”