The Front in the Back

The morning light fairies were at it again. My wife, who was facing the back window, said: Look at the reflection of the front doorway window. I looked and saw nothing. She told me to stand where she was at her eye-level, and there it was like a bright, sun-burnished sprite. Minutes later it wasContinue reading “The Front in the Back”

Throwin’ Heat

“It looks like a baseball,” my wife commented when I proudly displayed my photo of the Sun. I had to admit that the markings across the solar disk did resemble baseball stitching, and I do remember playing with some very raggedy looking baseballs when I was a kid. It is obviously a fastball, because theContinue reading “Throwin’ Heat”

Just Ignore the Groundhog

The rotund little rodent got it wrong again. It was groundhog’s day yesterday and Phil predicted six more weeks of winter. Tell it to this azalea. Of course, the goofy groundhog is much farther north and is afraid of its own shadow, so he missed the sunshine and warm weather here. Yep, spring is inContinue reading “Just Ignore the Groundhog”

Dirty Little Turdy-birdie

Goldfinches used to flock to this feeder, sometimes five or more at a time, each dining delightfully at their station in peace. That was until this yellow-rumped warbler showed up. Now any time a goldfinch appears, this little monster swoops down and chases them away. I considered creative ways to let the finch know heContinue reading “Dirty Little Turdy-birdie”