A “Blue” Christmas

Family came to visit us for the Christmas weekend including “Blue,” our favorite bunny. He has been a member of the family for the past couple of years and is always welcome at our house. He is very well behaved, his fur is soft and fluffy, and he loves petting. He was a sweet additionContinue reading “A “Blue” Christmas”

Tis the Season

And jolly we were as we took in the sights of holiday decorations during a recent evening walk through the neighborhood. It was a lovely way to celebrate the beginning of winter and the holiday season. We really do enjoy the decorations, the holly, the lights and sounds, but our favorite is the mistletoe. #ChristmasContinue reading “Tis the Season”

Gangs All Here

The decorations are up and the stuffed animals have gathered under our lighted palm tree, a fitting symbol of our Florida climate. This includes the infamous flying super-monkey that soars through the air and lands with a cacophony of primate calls. It was a gift from someone who will remain anonymous, but its aerial anticsContinue reading “Gangs All Here”