Of Fairy Gnomes and Ukuleles

Something about big shadows in the setting sun works a special magic that attracts Fairy Gnomes and ‘ukuleles and begs to be photographed. This Pono ukulele is my favorite for its sound and playability, and it truly lives up to its name which means “righteous” in Hawaiian. I have had it for over eight yearsContinue reading “Of Fairy Gnomes and Ukuleles”

Pleased to Meet You, Guess My Name

In the autumn of 1970, a young lady and her friends were bantering about good-naturedly in this building. They were part of a college weekend retreat, and I happened to be in the area visiting my parents who lived near there. I had seen her around school, but did not know her name. When theContinue reading “Pleased to Meet You, Guess My Name”