Now You See It, Now You Don’t

A large “blemish” can be seen on the lower right part of the upper photo, but not on the lower photo taken a day later. Don’t you wish face cream worked like that? Well, maybe not; this “blemish” is over 100,000 miles long, weighs on the order of billions of tons, and was explosively ejectedContinue reading “Now You See It, Now You Don’t”

In Less Than a Week

***NERD ALERT!*** On November 30, 2022, it appeared that the Sun would be totally without spots for only the second time this year, since the only active region with spots was rapidly fading from view. The next day, however, two new spots appeared and in the following five days the sunspots went from nearly zeroContinue reading “In Less Than a Week”

Filament, Then Prom, Then Gone

Powerful magnetic fields sometimes levitate billions of tons of material above the surface of the Sun which is known as a filament. When solar rotation moves it to the limb of the Sun, it is called a prominence, or prom for short, and reveals how high it is. The whole prominence/filament is over 100,000 milesContinue reading “Filament, Then Prom, Then Gone”

Sunset in Light from Hydrogen

The Sun illuminates the Earth in a full spectrum of light during the day, but at sunset much of the ordinary light is filtered out by the Earth’s atmosphere. This leaves mostly the red wavelength of light which is produced by hydrogen from the Sun. Beautiful sunsets are created by the hydrogen light painting cloudsContinue reading “Sunset in Light from Hydrogen”