Lesson to Learn

In 2019, we stopped by Woody Howard’s music and furniture store on Moorea and found this lovely ukulele with a soundboard made from island tou wood. This beautiful wood has wonderful tonal quality and was once reserved for use by the Ali’i (ruling class) only. I played it for 20 minutes or more, mesmerized byContinue reading “Lesson to Learn”

One Good Tern Deserves Another

Yucky gray days are a great time to reminisce of brighter times in happy places. We were on a dolphin watching tour with Michael Poole in the lagoon around Moorea when these two terns landed on the railing and began to watch the tourists. They were probably hoping for a handout. Had we been fishing,Continue reading “One Good Tern Deserves Another”

Fire on the Mountain

Sunlight burnished clouds into the form of flame on Mou’a (Mount) Tohiea rising over Cooks Bay. It was born of fire as lava poured from ancient volcanoes, and appears to have not forgotten its origins. Locals say that it is the mountain that inspired the final scenes of the movie Moana, and like a benevolentContinue reading “Fire on the Mountain”