Tikis and Marae

Tiki and marae at Arahurahu near Paea, Tahiti Tikis guard the entrance to this reconstructed Tahitian marae. These stone structures were of social and religious significance to the native people and new ones were built as people expanded their authority or their land holdings. Only a few remain due to cultural changes since the EuropeanContinue reading “Tikis and Marae”

Of Waterfalls and Tropicbirds

A pleasant walk, led by our friend and tour guide, Yota, took us up a wide path to these spectacular falls in the Fa’aruma’i Valley of Tahiti. The tranquil scene was graced by the flyover of several beautiful but shy, white tropicbirds with their long, thin tails trailing behind. Though we had been looking forContinue reading “Of Waterfalls and Tropicbirds”